Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lewisville Independent School District ends Zero Tolerance Policy

LISD ended their Zero Tolerance Policy last night. It is not a secret that this policy has been controversial since it's conception. This line is from the Whosplayin.com post.

The policies have been under fire because they often result in extreme punishment for very minor infractions where discretion should have been used.

Below are links to Whosplayin and the story.
Click here for for info.
here to see the video from the LISD meeting.


Anonymous said...

failing to see the relation to urban gas drilling.

Anonymous said...

Hello, the Mayor's son!! Drugs, weapons and stolen FM cares signs. Plus LISD is a gas lease holder. I bet our little Mayor complained about the policy. I heard nothing happened to him, he was withdrawn by Jody and sent to another school. Most likely a private school. So far no news on whether he faces charges.
But I do know that this policy has been under scrutiny for a while. I hate to see the policy go away comepletely. Maybe just some clarification is needed.

Anonymous said...

Going after a kid. Real classy 7:51. Our town, and indeed humanity in general, has no use for your kind.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

As of yesterday, we have started to reject any comments about the Mayor's son. Just in case you wonder why your comment has not been posted.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I've witnessed the heavy hand of zero tolerance in action at Marcus, and it's an ugly sight.

What may seem like a good policy to some, in practice, is an awful way to treat kids.

A policy that doesn't take into consideration a kids past is just plain bad. You could be an honor student with a clean file and have everything taken away with one transgression.

I'm glad LISD will change this policy to take a child's past history into account when deciding a plan of discipline.