Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Proposition #1

Don't forget that there's more than just the Mayor and two Town Council positions up for grabs.

Proposition #1 will decide whether the Chinn Chapel Soccer Complex should be "traded" for a new site with larger fields that have "equal or better quality" improvements.

Details are here:


Just a word of caution...pay attention to this one. It's about gas drilling, despite what they're saying (or not saying).

As Milton Friedman said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." The current soccer complex is valued at $4.3M, while the new site (with yet to be constructed improvements is $4.6M). This would be an even swap--no money to change hands. But why such a good deal for the Town?

It's simple. Location, location, location.

The old soccer fields (what the Town is trading away) will provide a driller with a drill site that won't require variances for being too close to a park.

Look at this one carefully before you vote to approve this "freebie."

Here's a link to a sample ballot:

If you do NOT agree with the swap, vote "NO".


Anonymous said...

Just like RiverWalk (now bankrupt) was sold with the hospital, the new gas well pad site is sold as a "Park".

Anonymous said...

Voted no on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Voted no on Tuesday

bobsafeway said...

I think it says there's a water well on the current Chinn Chapel property. That would be nice to have a gas well right next to the water well! I'm sure the shop in Highland Village will appreciate staring at a rig also. That's got to have a great impact on upscale retail business. I wish I loved in Flower Mound so I could vote no.