Thursday, May 20, 2010



Anonymous said...

It's good to have some people listening for a change.

Anonymous said...

Risk, uncertainty, risk, delay, climate for drilling in Flo-Mo deteriorating rapidly, .....must invest.....elsewhere......

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all in opposition of the variances for your hard work and dedication and for bringing the issues to the surface. It is not an easy task to fight against big business.

You are true leaders in our community and should be commended.

Because of your efforts it was a victorious night.

Tim Ruggiero said...

Message to Big Gas: Get outta town! The reistance is growing because the people who are actually in charge- WE THE PEOPLE have decided we've had enough. Gas companies are going to be finding much more difficult to just drill wherever they feel like it. This is just one of many battles coming up, but we should take pride in what we've accomplished. It starts with vaccinating the people afflicted with Gonnareelectem with Votemout. Once cured of this terrible illness, our leaders are listening to and complying with the people's wishes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim for continuing the fight. I truely believe that you and your family were the "lambs" that were sacrificed for so many to become aware of what is happening around us. We would walk through the fire with you any day of the week.

Eric Jellison
"Drill Right Baby, Drill Right!"

Anonymous said...

God bless the many warriors who work so tirelessly and selflessly to ensure that we have a great place to live.

Mellany Lamb

Anonymous said...

As a homeowner who has signed a gas lease I am happy for the decision. The royalty income from drilling would have been much less than the loss in home value due to drilling. If there really are health impacts or not, or what _I_ think the facts are, doesn't matter. It is enough that the potential home buyers worry, that is enough to drive them elsewhere and make property values go down.

Flower Mound is much better off with a reputation for family and environment friendly development plans. Now just make a big noise about all this so that the message gets through to the potential home buyers.

The gas in there doesn't go anywhere. Let's see those gas reserves as an investment for future and maybe in 20 or 50 years, or sooner, better techniques for drilling, waste water handling and especially for monitoring the operations emerge. By that time the gas prices are probably higher, drilling costs lower and royalty percentage and income can be higher as well.

If natural gas prices go down or some other source for energy emerges that would be just great, gas drilling will never be the main income for us homeowners.

Anonymous said...

Please speak at O&G board meetings, the gas companies will say that they have "xxx number of leases", but what they do not say is how many are now regretting their decisions. Many are not re-signing new leases as they expire. This creates a problem for them, both economically and with the RRC if they need to force pool the units later.

Anonymous said...

Anyone smell something funny by Liberty Elementary today. It had a smell like gas. Near Quail Run and Flower Mound road. By Jennifer. I called TCEQ. If you smelled it too. Call them.

Anonymous said...

I've been hesitant to comment also, as I've felt hipocritical in all of this, and I have to say that the "antagonistic" environment in town makes me a bit anxious.

Yes I am a gas lease holder, like the person that posted above me.
I support SAFE drilling. I have a close family member that is an environmental consultant that serves as the check for many pipeline projects across the country. I know it can be done safely.

Somedays I regret our decision to sign, I find myself confused by the mix of information out there. In signing our lease I think I got caught up in the "well, so many people have already signed, they're going to drill anyway, might as well get your share" sentiment. I don't believe we will re-sign if our lease expires. I realize that there are some property owners, like Mr. Hilliard, that have a lot of money at risk (far more than the pocket change that most of the lease holders would benefit from). And I agree that he has rights to use his property as he wishes...but ordinances are created for a reason - to protect the entire community - if a variance is needed for something, it's because it will impact someone other than the person creating the variance. Therefore I support no variances in this case (and to reiterate - I am a lease holder).

I couldn't get to the meeting this week, but I'm tuning in, trying to understand the impacts to my family to be smarter about this all next go-round.

TXsharon said...

I signed a lease. I only had 50% of my minerals on 42 acres and the other 50% owners signed right away. There was no way I could stop the drilling but, by signing the lease I negotiated for no surface use for the other surface owners.

I am not against drilling done right. I am not against urban drilling that is reasonable. Signing a lease does not mean that you can't advocate for best practices or that you can't say "don't put it here." Signed lease owners are the most powerful voices we have. Signed lease owners attended the council meetings in Corinth and spoke against the well placement look what happened in there.

Every one of you needs to understand something: As long as we continue our rabid consumerism, we will need huge amounts of energy. That means drilling and mining must occur. If they don't drill here then they will mine somewhere else and other people will be harmed.

So, every once in a while throw some of your efforts toward conservation and support for alternatives because that is the real answer.