Monday, May 10, 2010

SUP's Need Not Apply

At 7:30 this morning, the Flower Mound Town Manager, Harlan Jefferson, enacted an "administrative suspension" of certain special use permits (SUP) and oil and gas pipeline permit applications. Click HERE for the announcement on the Town website.

Specifically, this actions halts permits for centralized wastewater collection, compression, and gas lift facilities, and pipelines related to those operations. The moratorium will expire June 8th, unless the Town Council takes action to make the action permanent.

At approximately 8:30, Williams Production – the largest gas drilling company in town – inquired about submitting an application for a centralized collection facility. According to Town officials, they were told that no applications were being accepted due to the moratorium.

This was first reported in Dallas Morning News. Click HERE

**UPDATE** Williams' response to the moratorium is HERE


Anonymous said...

Williams 0

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Anonymous said...

Harlan Jefferson is the MAN!

Anonymous said...

There are inherent risks in all lines of business. This was a risk Williams took when making a decision to drill in an urban environment. Flower Mound is full of business principals who make sound business decisions, it's not the communities fault Williams does not.

Anonymous said...

Nice catch, Harlan!