Monday, May 24, 2010

Protesters near Argyle temporarily block gas well site

This morning 30 or more Argyle and Bartonville residents blocked the entrance to a Williams Gas Production site for a short time. Many of the protesters were moms from the area. Here is some information on the situation.

One of the protesters said a Williams spokesperson said that they will be putting in 32 tanks (they had previously been told 11, I believe, which is tragedy enough).

Kelly Swan, PR guy from Williams, was out there this morning and he was not happy that the moms were standing in front of the gate blocking access to Williams’ trucks until the Sheriff came out and made them move. After the Sheriff left, they remained near the entrance and protested throughout the day.

The Centralized Collection Facility, a fancy name for a Toxic Waste Water Tank Farm, site is on 7 acres, beautifully wooded before this morning.

It's in a flood plain.

There's a creek flowing through the property that's about 50 feet from where they're working.

The site is right in the middle of a neighborhood. There are homes all around. Yes, the lots are big but there are two homes abutting the site, several across the street, and more homes in the neighborhood. There are many people living near the site.

Williams originally wanted to put the CCF (Toxic Waste Water Tank Farm) on some property inside the city limits of Argyle, but some members of the Argyle town council helped Williams find other property in an unincorporated area. Some of the Argyle Town Council members are mineral lease holders. Fishy?

Many Dogs in the area have died from cancer or currently have cancer.

Williams' contractor, Vaquero, bulldozed oak trees. Some of the trees may have been 100-200 years old. The site is butted up to the back yard of a house on about 2 acres.

Read the recent article in the Denton Record Chronicle. Click here

Click here for a video of the destruction of the trees and property from this morning.

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TXsharon said...

The part about Williams buying the property for $1 is an urban legend. They paid market value for the land.

The part about Argyle Town Councilman, Wayne Holt, working a deal to make sure the toxic waste was piped off his property to his neighbors is true. So is the part about Williams lying.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Thanks Sharon for clearing that up.