Wednesday, May 19, 2010

O&G Meeting starts at 6:30 tonight at Town Hall!

The room is filled with people I've never seen wearing stickers that say "Yes to Gas."

Come on Flower Mound. Your voice is needed!

Are we going to let a bunch of out-of-towners dictate what happens in our Town??


Anonymous said...

It is true. A good half of the people speaking in favor of the drilling do not live here. You know how sometimes they make slumlords live in their buildings they failed to take care of? I would not mind seeing those with the yes stickers be forced to live right next to gas drilling for the next 5 yrs. I think the yes stickers would disappear fast.

Tim Ruggiero said...

I think if the people who make the decisons to drill 300 feet from someone's home must also have drilling 300 feet from their home, subjecting themselves and their families to the very same risks they are imposing on us. Not one of them should have a problem with this, because they only have two arguments: 1) We need to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. (and if we have to do 'our part' by sacrificing our property and potentially our health, then so should the gas co. execs) and 2) There is nothing harmful about gas well drilling, because they are so heavily regulated and restricted. (and as such, there should be no reason to worry about spills, leaks, emissions, etc)