Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's a New Morning in Flower Mound

Thank you Melissa!

Thank you Al!

Thank you Steve!

What a privilege it has been to be associated with people of integrity, of class, and that hold a core set of values that restore my faith in our democratic processes.

This is a great day for Flower Mound and a day to celebrate. It's also a day to thank so many people, that worked so hard, for so long.

--The VOLUNTEERS. Simply amazing. Yesterday afternoon, a volunteer arrived at the polls and said that he had been driving around Town and it was amazing as there were NFL sign wavers everywhere: Bridlewood, Wellington, all up and down 2499, on Gerault, on Morris, and on and on. (The opposition had one person on the corner of 1171 and Kirkpatrick.) I knew then that we had won.

--The campaign managers. Unbelievable dedication and phenomenal organizational and motivational abilities, while always keeping the campaign message positive.

--Flower Mound Cares. Wow! What a great bunch of people that truly love this Town.

--And so many others who took it upon themselves to make a difference by:
  • Becoming knowledgeable about the issues and then spreading the message

  • Tirelessly walking their neighborhoods and getting the message out

  • Writing letters to the editor, speaking at Town Council, and a myriad of other avenues of communications

  • Putting up hundreds and hundreds of yard signs

  • Being willing to do "whatever it took" to make this great day a reality--building databases, organizing phone banks, delivering yard signs, creating fliers and signs to address mis-information, standing on street-corners with signs to let people know the TRUTH...the list goes on an on
I'm sure I've missed plenty of people who made a tremendous contribution to this effort. Please feel free to add. Today is a day for thanks and for positive comments.

But as Scarlett O'Hara so famously said, "...tomorrow is another day."


Anonymous said...

I guess we know who the "silent majority" is now.

Anonymous said...

Oh fiddle-dee-dee! This blog site has proven to be an invaluable source of information for the people. Thanks be to you!

Anonymous said...

This was a tremendous effort by a cross-section of Flower Mound residents. It was the perfect example of the people speaking!

Anonymous said...

The first thing my kids asked when they woke up, "Did we win?"
Awesome to be able to tell them YES you won!

TXsharon said...

When a heavily Republican area says enough, it should send a strong message to industry.

Drill-Right Texas

Doing things right is sane and reasonable.

Anonymous said...

And thanks to you for being on the "bleeding edge" of this sea change two years ago.

Tim Ruggiero said...

I am truly happy for Madame Mayor Northern and the people of Flower Mound...a new beginning.

People like Jody Smith snub their nose at the people and believe there isn't a price to pay for that.

We've seen plenty of Drill Wrong, now we're going to show everyone what Drill Right really means.

Anonymous said...

What a great feeling!!!
The people of Flower Mound Won out over big business, special interest money, dirty politics and last minute dirty tactics. Don't Mess with Flower Mound!!!!