Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New Mayor, A New Councilmember, and a Re-elected Councilmember

I want to write a bit about Monday's (May 17th) Town Council meeting where the results of the election were certified and the "NFL" were sworn in.

First, outgoing Mayor Smith and Councilmember Levenick offered cordial remarks and best wishes for those that were taking office. Mayor Northern then presented both Ms. Smith and Ms. Levenick with gifts and photographs.

Mayor Northern, Councilmember Filidoro, and Councilmember Lyda then made their acceptance remarks. All were gracious and a reiteration of their campaign pledges.

Councilmember Lyda's remarks were especially moving and I have received his permission to post them in full:

Thank you Madam Mayor and thank you fellow members of council, and thanks to the people in the audience tonight in attendance for coming out and seeing us tonight.

What a great, great honor it is to sit here tonight as your councilmember. I am humbled to have this opportunity to serve you.

When His Holiness, Pope Benidict, was chosen by his peers in an election to the Papacy, no doubt the world was watching when he made his first speech as Pope. As he spoke from the papal apartment in Rome and uttered these simple but memorable words in his first address as Pope, “I do not know how the Lord continues to work with imperfect tools.”

Likewise, I’m sure the people of Flower Mound are awaiting the first speech of their newly sworn councilmember. Although the world is not watching, many people in this Town and this area are. ..And the first thought that comes to my mind is: “I do not know how the Lord continues to work with imperfect tools.”

I am still in awe of the number of people who turned out to vote in the 2010 election, one of the things I have always said in this campaign was that I would love to see increased voter turnout in our local election. Flower Mound, you really delivered on this one and for that you should be proud. Today, your voice has been heard.

What does the outcome of this election mean? That for the first time in a long time this council has been given a clear mandate by the people. That is for the council to listen to it’s residents, to do our best to protect our homes and our families, and to return control of Flower Mound to the citizens who created it.

What does this election mean in the future? Absolutely nothing. From this day forward, we will now be defined by our actions, by our record, and by what we do and do not do as a council. One thing is clear, if we don’t answer the mandate of the people…the people will be back to mandate who is on the council.

To the citizens of Flower Mound, you have my oath that will serve this Town justly, and to the best of my ability. Although I am an “imperfect tool”...I remember one thing, that I am a citizen in this Town just like you, I have to live here just like you do…and I want my Council to do what is best for my well as yours. Be certain, I will not take this charge lightly.

I would like to take a moment to tell my wife Amy that I love her..and without her support, I would not be here. Thank you for always encouraging me to believe in myself. To the greatest first children in Flower Mound: The A-Team, Allie, Aubrey and Austin Lyda…I love ya’ll too and thanks for putting up with your Father not being there for the past several months.

To all the countless volunteers who helped with the campaign, especially my campaign manager Sue Ann, and campaign coordinator Kelly…your tireless efforts will not be forgotten for a long time, and I hope I can remain someone you can believe in in the future. Remember, there is no “I” in NFL…but there is a team. Never forget some of you worked just as hard for this seat as I did…so don’t hesitate to call with your questions or concerns.

To the new Mayor Pro Tem Emeritus, Jean Levenick, thank you for your service on this council, your seat is in good hands. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Mayor Northern…present for duty at this meeting tonight is Councilmember Steve Lyda, servant of the people of Flower Mound. I am ready to get to work. May God guide us on this lofty quest.

Let's go to work...


Cowtowner said...

WOW, what a touching and humble expression of a true "public servant". You won't hear such clarity of vision and commitment in FW under the current junta's "FW way".

Anonymous said...

Really ???? A reference from a former member of the Hitler Youth and somebody that knowingly moved around Priests accused of molesting children. Probably not the brightest reference. "Imperfect Tools", no doubt.