Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Highlights From Flower Mound Public Hearing

Last night's turnout at the Town Council meeting was excellent. The chambers were packed and almost all of the extra chairs set up in the foyer and hallways were taken.

No votes were taken last night and continued participation is essential. Following are some of the highlights.

It was made clear that should seismic testing occur, there are no protections for homeowners or businesses, other than having to initiate a lawsuit against the developer.

The Town Staff stated that they are unable to determine if the waste water collection site would actually reduce traffic. In all likelihood, it would simply divert traffic to another location.

A seismic consultant stated that Flower Mound has "exceptionally bad ground" and that seismic testing could possibly do a great deal of damage to the roads, but that further testing was necessary.

Al Filidoro requested that air quality baselines be established.

It was confirmed that the Town ordinances do not have any air quality requirements.

It was also confirmed that the pipeline companies have the right of eminent domain and that they can seize your property in order to lay a pipeline. It was also confirmed that the Town will have no say in where the pipelines will be.

Thirty people spoke in the public comment portion of the meeting specifically related to the seismic and waste water issue. By far, the majority spoke against it.

Williams, when asked directly by Tom Hayden, refused to allow an independent analysis of their fracking fluids.

The Bridlewood HOA President spoke at length about Bridlewood's opposition to both seismic testing and the waste water collection facility.

Al Filidoro brought up waste water recycling and requested that the Town Staff obtain more information. He also questioned preliminary findings, which suggested that it was not "cost effective" and suggested that was from the perspective of the driller, rather than the Town.

And finally, it was noted that there appeared to be an attempt to by certain members of Town Council to communicate that they were not considering "weakening" the O&G ordinance with a change to allow seismic testing and the waste water collection facility, but rather they were seeking to "clarify" it.


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