Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Changing Character of Flower Mound

At the infamous Jan 21st meeting, Flower Mound resident, former Planning and Zoning Commissioner and Master Plan Developer, Dennis McKaige, made the following comments during the public participation. It continues to represent how many of us here in Flower Mound feel.

I am here tonight to comment on the changing character of our Town.

As envisioned in our Master Plan, Flower Mound was to be a very desirable place to live, owing to its natural beauty and rural environment. You can find beautiful subdivisions and a great school district elsewhere.

The Master Plan laid out a way to nurture and maintain that vision.

Your role was to adopt legislative and policy initiatives that support that vision.

Currently we are regularly deluged with news on our current condition. I speak of derricks, hazardous emissions, water pollution, leukemia clusters and hazardous waste dumps.

We cannot help but wonder what you, our elected community keepers, have done to the image of our Town. Yes, YOU.

By masterful modification of the Master Plan, by tortured changes to zoning and development rules and by pulling the teeth of our Oil and Gas ordinance you have managed to do major and very expensive harm to the marketability of our community.

In case you have not been listening, this community does not appreciate political dithering and self interest promotion that negatively impacts home values.

I caution you to review your actions and their results to help decide where you want to live.

You need to get off this road to perdition and respond to what the majority of our citizens want.

You also need to start working on ways to undo some of the havoc you have brought on the community.
I recommend that you start tonight.


Anonymous said...

On May 8th, we need to "undo" the Town officials who brought this havoc on the Town's unsuspecting citizens.

Anonymous said...

Extremely insightful, eloquent, and powerful. Thank you for posting this.

Just as strong today as it was when he spoke it on January 21st.

Mary said...

This is so true and how many of us here in Flower Mound feel.

Anonymous said...

A good man who has banging his head against a wall hoping the public would wake up, let's give him some relief on May 8th.