Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Schlumberger Article: Hydrocarbon Production Can Induce Seismic Activity

This is an interesting article on oil and gas production and seismic activity. It was sent to us by our friends from Arkansans for Gas Drilling Accountability. The article comes from Schlumberger themselves.
AGDA asks:

in the event of earthquakes, what happens to the integrity of the concrete casing that supposedly protects our water from the intrusion of chemicals and poisonous gas? Also, if in an earthquake more cracks are created, what protects further migration of poisons?

Good question!

Click here to read Schlumberger article, then download the pdf.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, an honest producer. The first line "In some regions, hydrocarbon production can induce seismic activity" sets the tone. This "good neighbor" at least doesn't deny and lie, always a good start to being a "good neighbor" and operating a successful business (at least one that looks long term).