Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Debra Winger and GASLAND: The Movie

HBO has bought the rights to GASLAND: The Movie. Debra Winger was one of the producers and advisers on the film. In this article at she tells how she became a part of GASLAND.

Winger worked as a producer — "actually, more as an adviser," she says.

"Well, here's the thing, it's not my documentary," she says by way of explanation. "I jumped on a moving train. I am a property owner in the Catskills, which is the home of my heart, and so that's how I began to find out about the gas drilling that was coming to the area. I became horrified."

Josh Fox, the director and star of "Gasland," contacted the actress for advice, and she jumped at the chance to become involved in getting Fox's message to a wider audience. She even consulted with her friend and "Legal Eagles" co-star Robert Redford, since Redford has been successful in warding off gas drillers in Utah until their extracting methods are more reliable environmentally.

HBO will premiere "Gasland" on June 21. For more information about the film, go to:


Rich said...

If you want to really expose the corruption of the natural gas drilling, then go to the head man...

T. Boone Pickens

where T stands for Thief and...

when T. Boone gets done there's slim pickens for the rest of us!

Not only doesn't Pickens care about environmental pollution,
he's getting Dallas/Mayor Leppert to abuse 1700 hard working independent cab drivers by putting CORPORATELY OWNED natural gas cabs at the head of the lined. There's a recession out there, but Mayor Leppert cares more about IMAGE.

I'm a degreed Environmental Engineer, with a P.E. in NY, and would be happy to help pro bono.

Anonymous said...

Googled Flo Mo's contracted air quality company and found their clients are G&O Co's!! Here's an exerpt from how they handeled a spill..."Kleinfelder ensured that the monitoring and recovery activities and subsequent reporting and permitting in support of ongoing remedial activities were completed successfully under intense internal and external scrutiny, reducing the client’s risk after an unfortunate incident."(AN UNNAMED G&O COMPANY IS THE CLIENT, not the injured citizens!!)

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Rich said...


Thanks for the info.

I'm advising the cabbies who are getting the shaft from Dallas City Hall and T. Boone Pickens by putting them in back of the line if they don't use CNG. There may be some major demonstrations at Dallas City Hall.

Here's a Dallas Morning News editorial article about it. Spread the word! Flower Mound residents, and 1700 independent cabbies have something in common...BOTH are getting scr**ed by their governments...and T Boone Pickens!