Monday, March 29, 2010

Flower Mound Cares Petition Group Is Getting the Job Done!

In spite of the forces of nature and police forces, Flower Mound Cares Petition Group is getting the job done.

This incredible group of residents have had many obstacles. Starting with the whole LISD fiasco. After securing new locations for the first signing event, volunteers where subjected to opponents harassing them and yelling expletives at them. Many of their signs were stolen.

Then came the weather. Rain, sleet, snow, bitter cold, high winds, hot weather, etc. Yet, they forged on getting closer to the goal every day.

In addition to the above, there has been harassment by SOME of the Flower Mound Police. Not all, in fact there a few that have signed the petition. We are talking about a few particular officers that seem to have it in for the group. Showing up and trying to shut FM Cares down when exercising their freedom of speech.

This weekend was a big one for the FM Cares group, with the many AMAZING volunteers walking neighborhoods collecting signatures, it appears they are very close to their goal.

McDonalds so graciously allowed FM Cares to set up a signing table. Many stopped by to sign this weekend. But something very interesting happened. The appearance of a Town Health Inspector at McDonalds on Saturday morning was a bit of a coincidence. Maybe too much of one. The inspector himself had no idea that the Flower Mound Cares group was going to be there, he was just following orders to show up and inspect on a Saturday.

Then again came the harassment of the police. Stopping by to tell the volunteers that they couldn't stand on the sidewalk holding signs because they were blocking a right-a-way. Something that every organization that has a car wash, Sonic Fundraiser etc. does on any given Saturday or Sunday here in the Town of Flower Mound. Yet, this weekend a certain officer seemed to pick on FM Cares.

As the end of the petition drive nears, we would like to say thanks to FM Cares, their many volunteers and the businesses that allowed them to set up signing tables. You demonstrate the very thing that makes being an American so wonderful....Freedom of Speech.


Amy Yaeger said...

We have met opposition on so many fronts during the course of the FM Cares petition drive. I know our opponents were hoping they could intimidate us into submission. The irony is...they only helped to rally our volunteers more! The average American is sick to death of being pushed around by our elected officials! So "THANKS!" Town Hall for helping us reach our goal of 6000 signatures. Couldn't have done it with out you!

Anonymous said...

According to the Facebook page, we are only 68 signatures away from the goal of 6000!!!!! Yeah. Awareness of this issue has increased and Flower Mound will again have the chance to be the town to raise the bar for better drilling practices.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the FM Cares group put their petition on their web site?

Linda Pearl said...

Awesome job FM Cares. The fact that there is so many paying attention is great. A lot happened while we were sleeping and now that we are awake, we need to take back our town.

Anonymous said...

As a reminder, this petition drive was the result of Steve Dixon, Mike Wallace, Jean Levenick, and Jody Smith's COMPLETE disregard of the 600+ Town citizens who voiced their opposition to the waste water collection-friendly zoning ordiances that they insisted on passing on January 21st.

Anonymous said...

As another reminder, Smith, Webb, and Robinson have all signed gas leases. Northern, Filidoro, and Lyda have not.