Monday, March 1, 2010

Energy Company Looking to Sell Shale Stake

This is a frightening article. Atlas Energy Inc., a gas drilling company in the Marcellus Shale, is looking to sell a stake in the 584,000 acres that they control.

Anadarko Petroleum has already sold a stake of about 100,000 acres to the Japanese company Mitsui & co.

What could that mean in the future? Well that the minerals under your property or home may not be completely American owned someday. The oil and gas industry tell us that they are drilling to ease our dependence on foreign resources. This type of activity certainly is a step in the wrong direction.

Now that is really scary.

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Anonymous said...

This just proves what has been said all along, the oil and gas industry are greedy SOB's. It is all about money.
All the crap they dish out about natural gas being our bridge fuel. It is the anser to our dependence on foreign oil. How is it going to help if are minerals are foreign owned?

Anonymous said...

Just like the toll roads. All the BS about securing America's future is a load of crap. Just be honest and say you want to profit, there is nothing wrong with that, and you would get more respect if you were honest about it. Just like a used car salesman, they will say anything to "Get you in this car today".

Anonymous said...

There goes the theory that allowing gas drilling is the "patriotic thing to do."
So maybe not drilling will end of being the best way to protect our country.