Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recipe for Successful Drilling in Barnett Shale Communities and Towns

Txsharon has put together a recipe for successful drilling on Barnett Shale communities and towns.

Is your community or town plagued with out of control drilling and rapid issuance of new drilling permits? If so, I have a simple recipe with simple steps you can follow to success.

Download Drill-Right Texas: Best Oil & Gas Development Practices for Texas

Print out and distribute a copy for each city council member and each member of the planning and zoning committee.

Sign up for the citizens' agenda at your next city council meeting and ask for a moratorium on new projects until all the Drill-Right Texas best practices are addressed with the city's ordinances.

If your city council happens to be addressing an application to drill at that meeting, ask the following 3 questions:

Has the applicant mapped where the pipelines will go and how they will tie into larger transmission pipelines?

Has the applicant detailed their emission controls during drilling activities and on the stationary equipment and compressors they will leave at the drill site?

Has the applicant disclosed where the water they will use will come from, what chemicals additives will go into the water and how they will dispose of or treat all the waste water from the site.

These questions must be answered before approving any permits.

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