Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Judge dismisses citizens lawsuit against the Town Flower Mound

Yesterday, State District Judge Margaret Barnes dismissed a lawsuit filed against the town by residents Virginia Simonson and Prakash Parameswaran.

At this time, there is very little information out there about the dismissal. The plaintiffs have 30 days to file an appeal.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that two of the council members with a history of being pro drilling want the town to go after Ginger and Prakash for legal fees. The others, surprisingly including the town attorney, does not want to pursue this.

Anonymous said...

"The Town successfully contended that the trial court lacked jurisdiction over this lawsuit and that none of the Town’s ordinances violated state law or any other Town ordinances."

For those of you who don't already know it Flower Mound has a nasty habit of streatching the truth or out and out lying.

It is true that the court ruled it did not have jurisdiction in the case. The lie - the court ruled none of the Town’s ordinances violated state law or any other Town ordinances.

Why can't this town even make a simple statement about a lawsuit without misstating the truth? I'm sick to death of this kind of crap - we deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13pm
Why is that interesting? It seems that its typical for people in this Town to want to make Wallace and Dixon into the bad guys. Its getting to be election season so let's start gearing up the my side is great and your side are evil slime spin machine. That way we can all choose up sides and we won't ever get to the specific issues and what the candidates are propose to do about it!
Wallace and Dixon could ask for steak and lobster before every council meeting and unless one other council member goes along with it it just doesn't matter. So let's move on and talk about something that matters.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is that annon 9:46 pm assumed it was Wallace and Dixon who were the "council members with a history of being pro drilling". Which in my book says it all. They have reputation of the old council following them. We don't need these two individuals back.
I believe it matters. It all matters.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:52

We don't need any of them back. For too long we have been governed by one of two camps. To make things simple I'll call them the Jody camp and the NFL camp. Both have failed us miserably on drilling issues. I am praying that some new people unaffiliated with either camp run in May. I can not and will not vote for anyone in the Jody or NFL camp.

Anonymous said...

>> For too long we have been >>governed by one of two camps.

Jody's camp - 6 years
NFL camp - less than 6 months

We did get a defeated CCF, and temp halt on drilling, and soon to be stronger ordinance.

Anonymous said...

Some may not be happy with a few decisions or lack of actions taken by the new council. But, let's take a little trip back in time like maybe 1 year. That is when the Hilliard deal was sealed. When Wallace, Dixon, and Levenick, guided by Mayor Jody, shot down the moratorium. The next few days the town was flooded with applications, including the Hilliard Titan application. Then that council continued to make gas drilling as easy as possible for their gas drilling buds.
When the new council came in they did put in a moratorium and appoint an advisory board. If there was an election tomorrow, I would still vote for NFL.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a little trip back in time to June when this council stood by and let Hillard destroy upland habitat to avoid a variance. (You have to get through 1st year law to understand that how they interpreted the ordinances violated legislative construction principles.) Then let's skip ahead to August 26,2010 to when this council allowed Hilliard to avoid tank battery variances again violating several legislative construction principles.
I wish I could blame Jody for this mess but I can't. I know Hayden has tried to get the council to do the right thing to no avail. Apparently Al has forgotten all of the tough talk he spouted off about prior to being elected.
They stopped the CCF I will give them that, but 6000 people would have scalped them if they hadn't. But let's not forget what Uncle Al was doing all the while - negotiating with Williams to give them the CCF they wanted except with no produced water. Thank goodness Hayden joined forces with of all people Steve Dixon to stop that one!
The we got a drilling moratorium one day too late. Hilliard had filed his new application the day before. Man, Flower Mound has bad luck in timing!
We'll see about the ordinance. Since they seem to be severely limiting the advisory board, I'm starting to doubt that we will get an ordinance that is materially different than what we have now.

I wish I could say I would still vote NFL. Its doubful. If its between Jody's camp and NFL's camp in May I'll probably just stay home. Different people, same actions, no need to waste the gas to go and vote.

Anonymous said...

The Hilliard application was submitted BEFORE the moratorium debate and the moratorium was to stop applications until TCEQ released their air test results. So even if the moratorium passed, the Hilliard application was still in and to-date all air tests have been far below standards. The post from October 8 at 9:03pm is wrong. No applications were received after the moratorium was not imposed. It was several months before first application was filed – NO FLOOD. Get good and accurate information before you write.