Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Public Meeting for TCEQ Odor Response System

Have you made an odor complaint to TCEQ and not been happy with the outcome?

Are you interested and learning more about the "Odor Complaint System" and how it can serve the citizens of the shale better?

You are invited to the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project's Help Fix the TCEQ's Stinky 12-hour Odor Response System public meeting where you will get to speak for 3 minutes about your experience with their response and give your suggestions for how to make it work better.

DISH, Texas Town Hall
5413 Tim Donald Road
DISH, Texas 76247 MAP

October 13, 2010, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Wilma Subra
TCEQ or their empty chair
Sharon Wilson

Click here for flyer.

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Anonymous said...

This quote is from the Argyle-Bartonville Communities Alliance when they reported odors at a drilling site:

"Inspectors with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have told the ABCAlliance that they have been out to test the air, but ultimately they have no jurisdiction during the drilling process. That belongs to the Texas Railroad Commission.

The most TCEQ can do is fine operators in the area for “nuisance,” they cannot force the operator to switch to electric drilling or otherwise control emissions. Once someone gets sick, they can do a little more."

IF Hilliard really does drill up to 20-22 wells, that means during the drilling process it could really put out numerous odors or VOC's. The TCEQ can't do anything. How long does it take to drill that many wells, actually how many years?