Sunday, October 24, 2010

Schools and Gas Drilling

Argyle residents are in the midst of every parents nightmare....What if the health and safety of your child was being threatened everyday and no one was listening?

In this post from
TXSharon, it focuses on the odor and health complaints of students attending Argyle schools that are close to drilling. The schools vary in distance from the drilling. But what is most alarming is that even students attending a school a half of mile away, or a little over 2600 feet, are experiencing health issues and can smell offensive odors.

Here in Flower Mound, a pad site sits just over 1000 feet from Liberty Elementary. In the past 3 years, there has been an increase in child leukemia and breast cancer in this area. The Titan Hilliard site will be a little over 1700 feet from Shadow Ridge Middle School.

Many are concerned that the air quality in this area could be a factor. Last year an EPA analysis of Denton County's air quality, showed a 25% higher risk for cancer and respiratory diseases than the national average. In this study done by the Environmental Defense Fund, it links air pollutants with Barnett Shale Gas Production.

It is the right of every American to be educated no matter what their economic situation is. That is what the public school system is all about. It is also the right of every American to be educated in a safe and healthy environment.

So why, all across America, do school districts continue to sign mineral leases with the gas and oil industry? They claim it is free money, it helps fund programs, balance the budget etc. Argyle school district has received $680,681.25 in revenue from the leases, including royalty and bonus payments.

In a recent
Denton Records Chronicle article, Susan Knoll stated it would most likely not cover the cost of treating one child with leukemia. Child leukemia is one of the most expensive types of cancer to treat.

A few years ago Lewisville Independent School District signed mineral leases for all their properties. Almost all of those leases have expired or LISD was released. It is rumored that they are once again being courted by gas drilling companies.

Gas drilling is heavy industry. It has no place next to schools and homes.

We must continue to put pressure on our school districts to not sign leases!! Let your voices be heard before it is too late. We have listed the emails for the LISD Board of Trustees.

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