Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Concerned about the proposed Aberdeen/School Crossing Titan/Hilliard Traffic Route?

The proposed traffic route for the Titan/Hilliard site is to build a continuation of Aberdeen through to FM 2499. This is an entrance to neighborhoods, school crossing and also a walkway that leads to Shadow Ridge.

Right now, they want to use the portion of Aberdeen that runs by Shadow Ridge as an emergency route. A road is being build as we speak. Hmm... makes you wonder why they are going through the expense and trouble if it isn't going to be used? The proposed emergency route would be the FM 2499 entrance to Hilliard Field.

Many residents are questioning why all the truck traffic is being shifted to the South end of Hilliard Field. Closer to the schools and near the entrance of a densely populated neighborhood. Away from the property and lease holder's home.
Good question!

We encourage you to write TXDot, LISD and the Town of Flower Mound to voice your concerns.

What are the other options?

Use Mr. Hilliard's street Sheri Lane as the main access road. When trucks are servicing the site, they have to sit and park waiting for access. This would take this idle truck traffic off of FM 2499 and put it on Sheri Ln. In late 2007, a traffic study was done on the portion of FM 2499 between FM 3040 and Spinks. This stretch saw over 40,000 cars and trucks a day. The new Lewisville Lake Bridge on FM 2499 will open soon. This will bring even more traffic through this area. Trucks parked along FM 2499 waiting for access could be a disaster.

The FM 2499 entrance to Hilliard could be used as a emergency route and allow better access to the site in case of an accident or explosion.

Town of Flower Mound


TXDoT GBailey@dot.state.tx.us


Anonymous said...

Hilliard doesn't care about school kids, when are you going to accept that.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

You may be right but I hope TXDot and LISD do.