Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Citizens of the Shale: Please document odors, health effects, possible water and soil contamination

Timelines and odor logs are considered evidence. If you want the EPA's ear please do the following:

  • Keep timelines and daily logs of odors, health effects, water and soil contamination.

  • Make odor complaints to the TCEQ (you may feel this is a waste of time but the data the TCEQ collects can be used to create the logs and timelines.)

  • If you have health effects you believe are caused by natural gas extraction activity in your area, please get environmental testing. Click here for a list of Environmental Doctors in the area.

  • Send documentation to Texas OGAP at texas.ogap@earthworksaction.org

Click here to read Pavillion Study.

1 comment:

Mary said...

This should be a good meeting. The EPA and Wilma Subra are great! I can't wait to ask the TCEQ about some of the questionable test results.
It is interesting that those that live near the sites that the TCEQ hasn't found any levels of chemicals that exceed the esl requirements are finding these same chemicals in their bodies.
Apparently there is a problem with the esl standards. If it is enough to show up in your blood it should be enough to fine the gas drilling company!!!!!