Thursday, October 14, 2010

Concerned about the proposed Aberdeen/School Crossing Titan/Hilliard Traffic Route?

Attend the LISD board meeting Monday, October 18th and voice your concerns. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and anyone wishing to speak should plan to arrive in advance of this time so that they have ample time to fill out and submit a request to speak during public participation, otherwise they will not be allowed to speak.

This is an opportunity for residents/parents to share their thoughts about the school crossing at
Aberdeen and 2499. The walkway on the school property that the students use to go to and from Shadow Ridge and Bluebonnet is located here.

It is also an opportunity to speak about the potential impacts to the use of the vacant, publicly-owned school property intended for the ninth grade campus. The tanker trucks would have to cross through a portion of this LISD land to to access the intersection.

There are other options for the route. Sherri Lane, the street that the surface and mineral lease holder Mr. Hilliard's home is located on, was considered at one time.

Please show up and let LISD know your concerns.

LISD Board Meeting Location

Board Room
William T. Bolin Administrative Center
1565 W. Main St.

7:00 pm

The agenda will be posted 72 hours before the meeting.

Click here for more information.


Anonymous said...

We need to encourage LISD to put the pressure on TXDot to change the transportation route!
This is an outrage.
We, the citizens need to contact TXDot too.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Here is an e-mail for TXDot if anyone wants to contact them.

Marjy said...

Isnt it a bit tricky for LISD to pursue anything considering they are participating in the royalties? Seems like a conflict ot me. The route needs to be Sherry Ln, then Mr Hilliard can deal with it.

Anyone know why the diggers were out at the end of Aberdeen this week? Will Lake Forest ever punch thru there?

Anonymous said...

They are clearning the 2nd access route (the emergency access route)