Thursday, October 21, 2010

Notification Letters for 2nd Titan Rule 37 have been sent out

On Tuesday, October 19th, notification letters were sent out to residents affected by the 2nd Titan Rule 37 application.

For those affected, you have every right to protest this. Do not let anyone tell you that it is a "done" deal. If fact, the burden of proof will fall on Titan.

Last week we gave a brief description of what a Rule 37 is.

Click here to see permit. If you scroll down to the applications, you will find many informative forms to click on and read.
Click here to see if your name is on the public posted list.

We have a lot of information on Rule 37. How to fill out protest letter, what to expect after you file for a protest, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Some people on that list actually believe the "Homeowners Association" is handling this for them. This is so sad!

Too bad they are incorrect. But they do not believe so....

Another Concerned Citizen said...

The homeowner association cannot handle unless the resident sign the protest letters and indicate the homeowner association as one of their representatives. Then the homeowner associated has to go to Austin. If you know any of these people, tell them to contact fmcaud for the real story.

Anonymous said...

Will try-but this person really believes HOA handles it. The scary part is, how many others on that list believe that too.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Anon 10:19. There are 3 or 4 neighborhoods involved in this Rule 37 application. Which neighborhood is this person in that thinks their HOA is taking care of it?

Anonymous said...


Mellany Lamb said...

Fallbrook Estates HOA went through this a few years when they were approached by a landman. The landman told them that they would mow their common areas and pay for their neighborhood parties, etc. Fallbrook was wise to hire Dallas tax attorney Charles Steen, who informed them that an HOA cannot function as a profit center in the state of Texas and that it would hold the HOA and their respective board members responsible for taxation, IRS audit and possible penalization if there was any problems with reporting. Sounds as those people claiming that there HOA is handling is being told illegal advice.

Anonymous said...

Hope the people in McKamy Creek find out before it is too late.

I am sure the landmen and others have told them lots of "stories."

What a shame.