Friday, October 8, 2010

Titan Files An Application For Another Rule 37

On Tuesday, Titan filed another application for a Rule 37 for the Hilliard North Unit. This is the second one in a week. It does not appear that any notification letters have gone out yet on this one.

Last week we gave a
brief description of what a Rule 37 is.

Click here to see permit. If you scroll down to the applications, you will find many informative forms to click on and read.
Click here to see if your name is on the public posted list.

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Anonymous said...

I will protest this!! Even if they try to buy me off. After seeing the mess they are making of that field and they haven't even started drilling yet, I want these people out of here as soon as possible. So I am not signing anything. Maybe they will drill a few of the wells they can and get out of town.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone who has signed the lease have a copy of the map they used to explain where the site would be and how the access there would be arranged. It was clearly explained that there wouldn't be access directly from 2499.

Use of American flags to decorate the mess is disgusting. How many of the men working there are Americans and still around to take the responsibility if something goes wrong?