Thursday, October 14, 2010

TCEQ Odor Complaint System Meeting

About 50 people showed up in Dish last night to share their stories and comment on the TCEQ 12 Hour Odor Response System.

Representatives from the EPA and the TCEQ were present. It appears that neither agency can really do enough in the immediate future to help. TCEQ and EPA tried to answer questions but it is clear that each agency has their hands tied in some way. The system set up here in Texas allows too many holes when it comes to enforcement and action needed to remedy the problems and health issues we face here in the Barnett Shale.

The TCEQ and the Texas Railroad Commission do not work well together. Each agency oversees different issues that are connected in so many ways. This allows these complaints, health issues, and problems to fall through the cracks.

Many residents living near natural gas production sites, from Rural and Urban areas of Wise County, Denton County and Tarrant County, are experiencing health issues. These health issues include, numerous cancers, child leukemia, nose bleeds, respiratory issues, headaches, chemicals in their blood and organs etc. The list goes on.

Change needs to be made on the State and Federal level. Unfortunately, it may not happen soon enough to save some of the Citizens of the Shale.

Click here for a great report from TXSharon.

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