Sunday, February 28, 2010

Titan Operating responds to lawsuit

Titan Operating has responded to the "breach of contract" law suit filed by the Monticello Homeowners Association in Southlake. They issued a general denial for every accusation listed in the lawsuit in which the homeowners are seeking a court order to block Titan from drilling within a 1,000 feet of association-owned land along Big Bear Creek. Click here for the Grapevine Courier article.

Here is the previous post on the lawsuit filed by the Monticello Homeowners Association.

Titan's proposed a new site 636 feet from a portion of MHOA's 60-acre common area. This area consists of tennis courts, jogging trails, a park and other recreational features in Southlake.
The lease, signed in late 2008, prohibits drilling within 1,000 feet of certain association-owned land. The new site would still be in breach of the original lease agreement. Titan is hoping to get a waiver from the MHOA.

Confusing, if Titan isn't in breach of the original lease agreement, then why are they seeking a waiver from the MHOA?


Anonymous said...

Titan president Mark Schumacher on Tuesday. "We don't feel the lawsuit is a productive way to resolve any differences." - Good, so they won't sue Flower Mound when we deny their gas well because that wouldn't be productive. I couldn't agree more.

Donna said...

Hey Titan wants to be a good neighbor too. Just like Williams. Funny, none of the Williams or Titan executives live here in Flower Mound so how are they are "neighbors"? In another post it said that Titan asked for concessions on noise and air emissions in colleyville. Isn't that like saying, "we can't do it right so give us a break"? Great the Flower Mound location will be just over 1000 feet from Shadow Ridge. Anyone else concerned about this besides me?

Anonymous said...

Only about 3,000+ according to the petition circulating. :)

Another Concerned Citizen said...

That is almost as many people that showed up to vote last time! Wow, it is nice to see so many that care about our town and the families that live here.

Anonymous said...

4,413. Think about that number. That is how many of our sons and daughters have come home in body bags from Iraq. We are blessed to have this natural resource in our neighborhood. It’s honorable to find a cause to fight for and to stand up for what you believe in. Just open your eyes to global picture. Every time we spend money on foreign natural resources we are aiding to increase our own army’s death toll.

Jesse said...

People need to open their eyes. Just because you live in a richy neighborhood doesn't mean you don't have any kind of natural resource under you. Everyone complains about gas prices but yet you don't want anyone to drill near you. While North Texas is primarily Natural Gas, it is still used for purposes to keep you warm during the winter months. People like you piss me and other roughnecks off because. How about you just turn your heaters off during the winter time, start riding a bicylce to work,home, grocery store, and some other places and maybe you can complain. Or you can get off your lazy butts and your nice little office job and do some real work in the patch and see how much complaining you do then. And quite being Anonymous, stand up with your words and show who you are.