Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why did Lewisville ISD say NO after saying yes to Flower Mound Cares?

There is no other way to put it. It is 2 1/2 days until the petition drive and LISD is just now saying they can't let Flower Mound Cares use their parking lots?

When we get the new locations, we will post it.

From the Flower Mound Cares facebook page
After receiving permission (yes we have correspondence) to hold petition drives at area school parking lots, we just received word from assistant superintendent Larry Wilson that the school board has reconsidered and we can't use the school parking lots because it is not related to s......chool business. The girl scouts must be part of the school since they are using the Marcus parking lot this weekend. We are working to find alternative locations. All ideas and offers for sites are needed and welcome. When we have additional sites we will post them at as well as here.We knew the town would make this difficult for our concerns to be addressed but if we continue working together we will make this drive happen

Folks, It's true that we received notification this morning that LISD's attorney decided that we could not use their parking lots after all. But, we knew this fight would be tough, and we began an immediate regrouping operation. So, we have nailed down some new locations (which we believe will be immune to any possible... political pressure) and we will be announcing them later today. Also, our volunteer training session is still scheduled from 6-9 PM tomorrow evening at the restaurant commnicated to you via email from FM Cares petition Group. So stay tuned, read the local papers, watch the local news and stay motivated. Our motives are pure, our cause is just, how can we fail?

Are the Girl Scouts part of LISD? Interesting, after 14 years of having children attend LISD schools that is the first I heard of that. (nothing against the girl scouts, I was one many years ago). Also, community sport organizations (soccer, baseball, basketball) use the schools as well. Are they part of the school too?

Why would they not want to support a community organization like Flower Mound Cares? Our children go to their schools and our taxes go to their budget. Aren't we part of the school? At least that is what I believed after listening to representatives of the school board who asked for support of a future tax increase to help their budget.

LISD has signed leases under just about every one of their properties. Did they even think about the potential health issues for our children? I guess those "royalties" haven't come in the mail yet and maybe they want to make sure they do.


Anonymous said...

So with that logic, church service held at various LISD campuses should be considered a school activity.

Please FM Cares, push back.

Anonymous said...

My daughters dance studio has even used LISD properties for their recitals. What is up? Sounds political to me.

Anonymous said...

Don't they realize that if this petition is successful that is almost 5000 people showing up to the polls to support it if it makes the ballot. That could be 5000 people at the polls possibly voting for the tax increase too.
Not a very smart move on their part.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought gas drilling and signing leases was supposed to make all of the budget woes go away for at least a year or two. That's how it was sold.

Anonymous said...

If Flower Mound REALLY CARED They Would Get Rid Of That HORRIBLE Mayor, Smith. She Is The REAL One That Is Poisening Flower Mound.

Anonymous said...

FM---Do NOT Re-Elect Jody Smith -As She Is A Phony Witch !!!!