Saturday, November 21, 2009

Citizens Sue The Village of Horseheads Over Approval of Schlumberger Project

Citizens of Horseheads, NY have filed suit against the Schlumberger project in thier Township
The citizen group had voiced their concerns about environmental and health concerns but the village officials ignored it and approved this project anyway.
The following paragraphs sounds very familiar. The village officials seem to disregard many articles and incidents about drilling contamination to water, air and soil. They pretty much pushed it through and rushed the decision. Now the residents have filed a suit!

Last winter Schlumberger Technology Corporation plunked down a chunk of change for 88 acres in the Horseheads Industrial Center. It is an area zoned for light industry and manufacturing and contains warehouses and distribution centers. There is also another gas field service industry on the site - a company that provides equipment needed for drilling.

Schlumberger hopes to construct a 400,000 square foot facility to store fracking chemicals and explosives needed for gas field development. And they claim that their facility will bring 300 to 400 jobs to the area.

But residents are concerned that local municipal officials have embraced potential economic gain at the cost of potential environmental contamination. During the public hearings they repeatedly expressed their concern to village board members that it seemed like the project was a “done deal”. They begged the town board to conduct a more complete environmental review.

It seems that some town officials think they can just do whatever they want without listening to the majority of their residents and not have any ramifications. But that is simply not true. It is refreshing to see citizens demand accountability from their town officials. We are hearing about more and more citizen lawsuits. People are saying enough is enough!

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