Friday, November 6, 2009

Tan Parker, please step up and protect District 63's air quality

Chris Roark recently wrote a great article covering Representative Tan Parker's Town Hall Meeting.

We all should be concerned that Tan Parker might still have some blinders on when it comes to gas drilling and air quality in our area. Below are a few paragraphs that jumped out at me.

We need to be pursuing not only traditional sources of energy, but also alternative sources,” Parker said.

All right Tan, you seem on the right track so far with the above statement.

Regarding gas drilling and the possible dangerous health impacts of it, Parker said he has met with drilling company representatives and community members and plans to have a best practices document as it relates to routing.

“If it is a real issue, nobody will be a stronger advocate for fixing it and cleaning it up immediately than me and my fellow colleagues,” Parker said.

Okay you just lost me with the "if it is a real issue". Tan, it is a real issue to Dish, Texas. They have residents that are testing positive for chemicals in their systems. The same chemicals used in gas drilling and that were found in the air in Dish.

"Possible" health impacts? Meeting with drilling company representatives? How about a meeting with the residents of Dish?

A study was done by the Environmental Defense Fund recently. Denton County air has more hazardous pollutants than any other county in DFW area!!!!!

The EDF recently released an analysis of the air quality in Denton County.
A related analysis released today of state air pollution monitoring data between 2002 and 2008 found that the air in Denton county contained more non-methane hydrocarbons (including some potentially hazardous pollutants) than any of the other counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where such monitoring was conducted.

Tan, please step up and do the right thing for the residents in your district!

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