Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Texas Officials Say We're Running Out Of Fresh Water

I know that gas drilling isn't the only industry that uses excessive amount of water. is one industry that currently seems resistant to treat and and recycle the excessive amount of water they use everyday. In fact they go a little farther and contaminate fresh water sources and soil. In addition to that, add the VOC's and naturally occurring radioactive material "NORM" that producing and storing of the toxic water put into the air. The produced water is so contaminated it can't be used again to re-frack a well!!

Many gas drilling companies claim that recycling and purifying water for re-use on the drill site isn't cost effective at this time. What price is too much to make sure that our citizens have "plenty" of clean water to drink and clean soil to plant and build on? They can spend millions on lobbying to stop the "frac act" but not thousands to truly be "a good neighbor" as they like to call themselves.

Let's hope that when our officials put the plans discussed in the article below into action, the gas drilling industry isn't exempt like they are from everything now.

The below article is about how Texas is running out of fresh water for its citizens.

With the Texas population expected to nearly double over the next 50 years, lawmakers and water experts gathered Monday to convey an important message: We're running out of water.

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