Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oil and Gas bully California City

Sound familiar.
It seems if the Oil and Gas Industry doesn't get their way, they sue. Houston based PXP has filed a lawsuit against Culver City, California. PXP filed an injunction to lift a moratorium the city put into place in August. Culver City wants more time to draft a stronger ordinance to protect their residents. Back in 2006 there was an oil field vapor leak that blew throughout areas of the city. Many residents complained of strong odors and possible health and safety hazards.

Culver City isn't trying to stop the drilling all together, they just want more time to write better regulations into their ordinance.
A few paragraphs from the article.

"This is absolutely not an attempt to stop all drilling in the city," Culver City Mayor Andrew Weissman said. "Rather, this is an attempt to make sure that the drilling is done in a way that preserves the health and safety of the citizens of Culver City." Ordinance update Culver City wants an ordinance with standards that will prevent the recurrence of oil field vapor leaks like the one that swept through part of the city in early 2006, prompting hundreds of complaints from residents about odor, and possible health and safety hazards.

But in the Sept. 22 lawsuit challenging the moratorium, PXP alleges that the moratorium harms company's property rights. The lawsuit states that PXP holds leases on the oil field that are set to expire in the next few months unless the company begins to develop them.

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