Friday, November 20, 2009

Wall Street Journal reports on EPA crack down on Texas air quality

Texas has allowed gas and oil to do whatever they want for decades. The industry is currently exempt from the clean air act. The result is the worst air in the nation. EPA is cracking down on the TCEQ. Read few paragraphs from the article in the Wall Street Journal.

Officials in the big cities complain the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which enforces federal regulations, isn't strict enough. Dallas and Houston have been in violation of federal air-quality standards for years.

Earlier this year, the EPA said it was seeking to invalidate the state's permitting system, contending that it allows companies to skirt federal rules under the Clean Air Act. The agency is expected to announce a decision on certain parts of the program by the end of this month.

"Our system is not broken," said Bryan Shaw, chairman of the Texas environmental commission. "It's just misunderstood."

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