Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interesting article about Titan Operating....

The town of Colleyville tabled Titan's request for a permit to drill. The site would put Southlake residents closer than 1000' to the pad site. The property in question sits on the border of the two Towns.

Titan plans to drill 13 wells from this pad site. Chris Hammack from Titan stated the drilling operation could last for five to seven years.

When asked if the site noise could be reduced during the daytime, Mr. Hammack stated that one drilling starts, it will run 24 hours a day.

Even with a 28 foot wall to drown out some of the noise, it is still projected to put out 85 decibels!
That seems to be the number when hearing loss can occur with prolonged exposure. With drilling going on 24 hours a day from a pad site with 13 wells. That would be prolonged.

Below is a paragraph from a Military Audiology Association prevention campaign presentation for 5th graders.
Tell the children that 85 decibels is also very special because it is this level that starts hurting hearing.
And another site, Noisy Planet, on hearing loss.
Researchers who study hearing loss have found that a person who is exposed to noise levels at 85 decibels or higher for a prolonged period of time is at risk for hearing loss.

Below is a paragraph from an article in the Southlake Journal. Titan is asking for more flexibility on two very important issues. Air quality and Noise!!!!! Let's hope they don't try this one here in Flower Mound.

Is this is what we have to look forward to on the Hilliard site.
Only 1000' from Shadow Ridge Middle School.

How will the noise affect the students trying to concentrate and learn?

What about when they go outside for sports and breath in the air while drilling and fracking is going on? Think Dish, Texas!!!

Read the Southlake Article here

Titan Operating, LLC, which has filed an application for the drilling permit, asked the Colleyville Planning and Zoning Commission for "more flexibility" in air quality testing and noise abatement than the city’s ordinance provides.

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