Friday, November 20, 2009

Hudson Oaks Water is "Hot"

It seems that Hudson Oaks in Parker County has "hot", as in radioactive, water. As posted here before. The water from the Barnett Shale is toxic, flammable and radioactive

Every day more and more comes out about the dangers of produced water from gas drilling. Yet in Flower Mound, it seems we have some council members who might choose to over look these reports and allow produced toxic waste water to be piped through the town and stored in 14 to 38 (the number seems to be increasing) tank batteries at a waste water collection facility.

As if that isn't bad enough, eminent domain will come into play for these pipelines. The town will not be able to control where these pipelines go. If the gas company that will own this proposed facility chooses, they may take waste water from other gas companies in the town. This will mean more pipelines!!!

Here is a great report on Hudson Oaks water by Brett Shipp with WFAA news 8.
a few paragraphs from the report.

Chruscielski independently monitors water quality data in the Barnett Shale, and she almost missed it.
"From what I have seen -- particularly the alpha particles -- you don't want to ingest those, and they are bone-seeking carcinogens with a 1,600 year half-life that accumulates in the tissue," Chruscielski said. "I am not comfortable with that."

State environmental officials say the uranium is "naturally occurring" in the rock formations below the soil.
Hudson Oaks water quality report
Here is the water violation report

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