Thursday, November 19, 2009

Test of Produced Water Shows High Sodium

First of all lets get the facts. This test was performed by Williams not by the Town of Flower Mound. In fact, when the water sample was taken, no one from the town was present.

At a Flower Mound Town Council meeting a few weeks ago, when asked if the town could have a sample, the Williams Company said they had already provided one for a test but not to the town. As of today, the town has not received authorization yet to do their own independent test.

"It's a very typical sample of produced water in the Barnett Shale," said Kelly Swan, a spokesman for Williams Production, a Tulsa, Okla.-based drilling company that hired an independent laboratory to conduct the analysis.

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High sodium in water isn't a good thing either. It kills all vegetation in it's path.

Produced waste water has been found to be toxic, flammable, and radioactive.

Williams is one of the gas companies being looked at for contamination of a man's spring in Colorado. The owner of the property was rushed to the hospital after drinking from his spring.

According to the Post-Independent, Halepaska and Associates issued a report on Sept. 10 that names Williams and OXY as the two companies most likely responsible for the leakage of BTEX, a combination of carcinogenic chemicals found in produced water that returns to the surface after the drilling process

So it seems produced water is toxic, flammable and radioactive everywhere else but Flower Mound.

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