Friday, November 20, 2009

WFAA Report on the TCEQ and Barnett Shale Emissions

Here is the video from the report WFAA did with Dr. Honeycutt from the TCEQ. He is head of the Toxicology Department but at the Fort Worth Barnett Shale Emissions Meeting, he admitted that he knew nothing about the process of fracking. Hopefully he will learn quickly.

In the video, he addresses the high benzene levels found at some gas well sites here in North Texas. Some levels where so high he stated it is like holding a can of gasoline under your nose.

Apparently the TCEQ held a meeting in Austin and invited the top ten gas producers. TCEQ showed them a video of the emissions billowing from the well sites. None denied that there is benzene in the gas drilling air.

TCEQ said that the current permits do not address benzene control and they want to pass several new benzene rules but that could take months or years. The TCEQ is asking the gas companies to clean up their act voluntarily until new regulations can be put in place. Let's pray they actually do because months or years will be too late.

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