Thursday, January 21, 2010

Argyle Disposal Wells Petitions

Williams Production is planning on putting a disposal well in Argyle. This facility will be taking the waste from the proposed waste water Centralized Collection Facility in Flower Mound along with drilling waste from surrounding communities. Williams has mentioned in articles that they will truck and/or pipe the waste from the CCF to the Argyle disposal well.

Having the CCF and the Disposal well is not for safety and protection of the residents, no matter how Williams spins it. This will endanger all of the areas health, property values, and quality of life.

Williams should be investing in on-site purification, no matter what the cost is, so that the waste will not have to be trucked, piped, and injected near any neighborhoods.

In addition to the disposal well, Williams wants to put a compressor site that will be in a residential neighborhood as close as 80' to 100' from homes.

Here are the links to the petitions

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