Thursday, January 7, 2010

Colorado investigates second spill near Williams gas drilling activity

There has been another spill near a Williams gas well in Colorado. This spill is near a gas well by a spring that was contaminated in the past by gas drilling activity.

State regulators are investigating a newly discovered spill at a natural gas well pad near a spring contaminated by gas operations. Williams Production reported the spill at the well site near Parachute in western Colorado Dec. 15. The company found the spill as part of an ongoing investigation into the contaminated spring.

Williams is currently under investigation for the previous contamination of the spring.

At recent Flower Mound Town Council Meetings in October, November, and December, many of us have had to sit and listen to West Flower Mound residents (who have all signed leases with Williams) get up and practically claim Williams is the Messiah of Gas Drilling. Heck, even Williams employees, too many to count, stood up at the last meeting praising themselves. Of course for those of us who have not been wined and dined by Williams at their Circle R Ranch rallies, this is not a surprise that Williams makes mistakes too.

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Anonymous said...

Great, this company wants to run pipelines underground to and from a huge Waste Water Collection Facility. Pumping drilling waste in these pipelines. They have to be stopped. By the time they find a spill it will be too late.