Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on Flower Mound Leukemia Cases

I received an e-mail from TXSharon today stating that a woman from Flower Mound contacted her to tell her that she has Leukemia. The woman mentioned that her friend who lived in Flower Mound had Leukemia and passed away from the illness. Sharon also writes about the dangers and health issues the industry employees are subject to just to get a paycheck.

We mentioned that we knew of 2 adults (one male and one female), along with 5 children here in Flower Mound that have been diagnosed with Leukemia. We are not sure if the woman who contacted Sharon is one of the adults, since we do not ask for names unless the person wants to share that with us, but the woman who passed away is a case we did not know of.

We had a comment from someone saying that cars, pumping gas, etc contribute to benzene levels in the air. Yes this is true, but now with the excessive amount of gas drilling, it is just another major source of toxins in the air. Dr. Armendariz conducted a study back in the summer of 2009 stating that gas drilling activities put as much pollution into the air as DFW traffic. We found more info on the dangers of benzene in this Prenatal Airborne Hydrocarbon Exposure Study. Some can continue to go on with blinders on but it would benefit all to stop and take a serious look at what is going on here in all of North Texas, not just Flower Mound.

Remember the day when everyone believed smoking and second hand smoke had no negative health effects??


TXsharon said...

The car pumping gasoline is example is a talking point given by industry to their ditto heads and it's so stupid.

Sure, there are sources of benzene all around us but this is a major source and INDUSTRY CAN TAKE AFFORDABLE MEASURES TO STOP THE EMISSIONS.

Anonymous said...

Why is this a stupid point? Because its true and facts are hard to deny. And who is to say the industry is not taking measures to stop excess emissions? You, are you the sole arbiter of who is compliant and who is not? My personal opinion is that you are a radical environmentalist that will say or do anything to advance your agenda.
You could care less of peoples property rights and in your mind you are judge, jury, and executioner. If you are concerned with your health, move.....

Anonymous said...

Actually gasoline pumps in north texas are required to be fitted with vapor recovery systems, which takes the emissions from pumping gas and sucks them back into a tank to be disposed of later, rather than passed into the atmosphere.

So pumping gas actually has less emissions these days!

Anonymous said...

"Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; secondly, to liberty; thirdly to property;" - Samuel Adams - Everyone here cares about property rights, but there is a hierarchy, I suspect the "agenda" is that property does not trump people, whether the people are left or right of center.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me most of all is the fact that our water tables are at risk. If the toxins used in the fracturing process seep into the water it's game over. Next time you get a glass of water, take a shower, or wash your face, think about the 132 chemicals they use in the fracturing process. Then thank your former Vice President for making the oil and gas drilling companies exempt from the clean water act. That's scary.