Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Texas Railroad Commission asks for opinion on whether it has authority to halt drilling

This article was in today's Star Telegram. It is about the TRC asking for Attorney General Greg Abbott's legal opinion on the commissions' authority to put a moratorium on drilling activity. Even the reporter is suspicious of Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams' intent. Making sure we are aware of the fact that Williams is a gas drilling supporter who receives quite a bit of support from the oil and gas industry.

It could take several months for Abbott’s office to respond, and drilling opponents might view Williams’ action as an attempt to delay the commission from taking up the moratorium issue.

Williams, a drilling advocate who has received substantial contributions from the oil and gas industry, is a potential Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.


TXsharon said...

Williams has taken $1,641,750.00 from the oil and gas industry.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

That is a lot of support! No wonder Michael Williams is a "drilling advocate".
Thanks for the info