Saturday, January 30, 2010

UPDATE-Proposed Argyle Disposal Well in Flood Plain

Star Telegram reports that the Williams Production Proposed disposal well in Argyle is located in the Denton Creek floodplain. This floodplain flows to Lake Grapevine.

Officials from nearby communities acknowledge that disposal well leakage could seep into ground water, but the likelihood of such occurrences is uncertain.

"It seems like that would be a concern to most people," said Robert Scott, district manager of Municipal Utility District 1 in Trophy Club, which provides water and wastewater services. Scott referred to the Trinity aquifer located beneath much of North Texas.

Williams claimed they never had a pipeline leak. Txsharon talks about the how it has been revealed that Williams had about 65 leaks per year for the past 5 years.

The fact that the likelihood of a leak is uncertain should be alarming. Why take the chance? Oh right, because they can.

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