Friday, January 15, 2010

Recent Cherokee Horn/Titan Flyer Not Accurate. Not Surprised!

We received e-mails about a recent Cherokee Horn Flyer regarding the Titan/Hilliard site. Some of the statements are not correct. See the e-mail below.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: In the event you are not already aware, Cherokee Horn has distributed some flyer's recently that state "Town Council Indicates Hilliard Site Meets All Permit Requirements". This is not a true statement. I checked with the town staff today and the following is the current status of the permit request for the Hilliard site.:

It is our (town staff's) understanding that the following statement on the flyer is not accurate; “Town Council Indicates Hilliard Site Meets All Permit Requirements”. First, the Town Council does not review or approve gas well drilling permits. Second, the application is still in the review process as comments were provided to the applicant along with the denial of application letter. The denial letter informs the applicant that the site as proposed cannot be administratively approved; the applicant may re-submit the site plans to meet all surface setback requirements, or proceed before the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals (OGBOA) to request variances. Staff has not received a re-submittal or a request to present variance requests to the OGBOA from the applicant following the comments sent to them on November 19, 2009.

It is important that you inform your residents what the true status of the permit request is so that they can make informed decisions based on fact.
In the event anyone has questions they should contact the Environmental Services Department at the town. They are responsible for gas drilling permits and they can be reached at: 972-874-6340.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about what a flyer says. If they are offering cash, I'm taking it. Let them worry about the permit process.

Anonymous said...

So, if I give you money to stop talking, will you? I could also give you money to change your opinion. I will give you even more money if you convince other people of your newly changed opinion. See, this logic breaks down real quick. There are greater things than money, maybe if I gave you enough money you would understand, but I doubt it, you would just take the money. Take it to your bank, take it to your grave, on judgement day, a certain someone won't care how much money you aquired, whether it was by work or from the mailbox.