Monday, January 25, 2010

News 33 spoke with some concerned Flower Mound residents and local realtors. They are worried gas drilling could affect property values. Many are still upset about the decision by Council Members Dixon, Levenick, and Wallace to change zoning that will pave the way for more pipelines and the waste water Centralized Collection Facility.
Local realtor, Kris Wise, had this to say.

Some point to last week's town council meeting as proof city leaders are moving too fast on drilling-friendly issues. They say the council ignored the overwhelming community concern Thursday and moved forward on a centralized collection facility. Realtor Kris Wise says, "That's what I'm concerned about with town council. We seem to be on a freight train headed for a road and we don't know if the bridge is out or not. And I would say just slow down, because if we can get the facts and make sure we don't have an issue, that would be so much better than just going full bore ahead and God knows what might happen."

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