Friday, January 8, 2010

EPA plans to clean up Texas air

Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, announced plans to set a new limit on ozone to 60 to 70 parts per billion. The limit is currently at 75ppb. DMN ran this article today.

Of course the opposition is stating that this plan will kill industry. But this may be just the thing to force all industries to find a way to be more responsible. We have mentioned over and over again that the only industry exempt from just about every federal environmental act, including the Clean Air Act, is Gas and Oil. Maybe revoking the exemptions for oil and gas would be a great start to take care of the air quality problem.

The article addressed Barnett Shale air.

A new plan also could address emissions from Barnett Shale gas drilling. Texas officials dispute drilling's impact on local smog, but EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz, in his prior job as an engineering professor, produced research asserting that drilling emissions were a key neglected factor.

Here are a few questions:

If gas drilling companies really want to be our "neighbors", why wouldn't they want to implement better emission controls on compressor stations, tank batteries and at the gas well sites?

Why wouldn't gas drilling companies want to recycle water on site? Eliminating the excessive use of fresh water and the need to pipe the toxic waste water underground to collection facilities and truck it away or pipe it to an injection well.

Why not switch to electric rigs and eliminate the diesel fumes?

Why won't they tell us exactly what is in the fracking fluid?

And the most important question of all.....

If gas and oil are "doing it right", why do they need so many federal exemptions?


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