Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Contact FMCAUD if you are interested in Free Legal Defense regarding a receipt of a MIPA (mineral interest pooling act) notice

For any and all homeowners who receive a MIPA (Mineral Interest Pooling Act) notification and who own a home in the Villages of North Shore, Lakeview I and II, Stafford Estates, Walden Creek, McKamy Creek, and Woodlake I and II, FMCAUD has been contacted by a source who will cover legal expenses to represent your family in this important matter.

The MIPA was passed in 1963 by the Texas Legislative Council. It effectively has been interpreted by the Texas RRC (Railroad Commission) as a method to compel unleased and unwilling mineral rights owners into a pool of willing owners. If ruled against, this will effectively force you to sell something you may not wish to sell, for a price you may not think is fair. Under the Texas Natural Resources Code, MIPA rulings by the RRC may be appealed to the local county district court, and if need be, a higher court. (Texas NRC 102.111, 102.112)

Please contact FMCAUD for more information and for requirements, limitations, and exclusions.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I've heard also that this is happening for some individuals in Fort Worth as well.

Anonymous said...

Happens in NY all the time. The legislation was passed in 2005 and is aimed directly and only at landowners.

There are a couple of options that favor the O&G Cos. However, a good part is that there is no surface right attached. They can drill under but not on and no pipelines.

Stan Scobie
Binghamton, NY

Anonymous said...

Definitely coming to Fort Worth.

Eminent domain abuse and outright theft of minerals from owners who don't want XTO/Exxons 30 pieces of silver.

Anonymous said...

Just like the election of Scott Brown in MA, when the middle and people from both sides are united on an issue, look out. Urban drilling is no different and the parallels are obvious. Urban drilling is united some strange bed fellows, left and right, look out oil and gas, your going to be getting it from both sides on this one.