Monday, January 25, 2010

Industry crying the blues about new EPA Ozone Standards

The Gas and Oil Industry is already crying the blues about the EPA's new mandated level of allowable ozone in the air to between 60 parts per billion to 70 ppb for any eight-hour period. API article by John-Laurent Tronche explains how the industry feels the proposed EPA standards will cost them too much.

It is no secret that Texas is the largest energy producer in the United States. But we are also one of the dirtiest producer when it comes to air quality.

This is an industry that spent $120,729,855.00 lobbying in Washington. The following paragraphs from the article sound like scare tactics. Other industries like Cement Plants, Agriculture, Steel Mills etc. have had to comply and they are still around. Sounds like scare tactics.

People would have to put on more emissions controls, which means it would cost more to drill a well,” said Feldman

Gov. Rick Perry issued a statement claiming the move is based upon “flawed science” that will lead to “the loss of hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs” without improving human health. But in the same press release, Perry said the state, since 2000, has been able to reach near the 1997 compliance by investing more than $1 billion and without sacrificing Texas jobs.

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