Sunday, January 24, 2010

UPDATE: Video on Flower Mound air quality test. No air samples were taken for TCEQ air quality test

Chris Hawes from News 8 reported no air samples were taken during the Flower Mound TCEQ air quality testing conducted on January 13th. Although the summary below doesn't indicate that air samples were taken, last night at the Town Council Meeting and Public Hearing, we were told that the air was clean and fresh here in Flower Mound. We were told no benzene or VOC's were found.
Here is the info from the Town Web-Site

TCEQ Conducts Air Sampling at Request of Town
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) conducted air sampling tests on January 13 at various gas well locations within Flower Mound. The Town contacted TCEQ and requested the tests in December. The site visits and sampling consisted of TCEQ representatives taking weather data and wind speed, using an infrared monitor to check for emissions, checking for total volatile organic compounds at the site, and placing air canisters downwind to collect samples that will be analyzed for specific compounds. The Town will continue to work with TCEQ in relation to air quality, and will provide a final report once all testing and analysis are complete. The TCEQ has indicated that a report will be available by February.

Town Receives Initial Air Quality Results Indicating No Detectable VOC Concentrations
The Town recently received a summary of the air quality monitoring activity conducted in Flower Mound on January 13 by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) officials. The summary details the locations and times in which monitoring occurred, the types of tests and readings, weather conditions, and equipment utilized. While additional TCEQ air quality testing is scheduled to occur in the near future, the preliminary analysis produced results indicating no detectable concentrations of VOC (benzene, toluene, methane, etc.) exist in Flower Mound. Additionally, infrared cameras did not detect emissions from the compressor engines and heater units other than those associated with normal operations.
Please visit the
Air Quality page to read the complete summary.
Posted January 21, 2010

A couple questions come to mind.

Why report the air quality in Flower Mound showed no toxins if no air samples were taken?

Why did the Mayor feel the need to hurry and mention the results (based on the summary below) of the air quality test at last nights meeting instead of waiting for the full report from the TCEQ?

Read the summary e-mailed to the Town of Flower Mound

The fact that the air quality test was "clean" was brought up many times last night. Mostly when residents tried to voice their concerns about the effects of the increased gas drilling activity, including the Centralized Collection Facility, will have on the air quality.


Anonymous said...

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Thanks, we have linked it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it costs for concerned citizens to commission their own testing and fund it out of our own pockets - it pains me as a resident of FM that we are in the position we are - with a record turn out and unanimous "no" vote last night from citizens, the council (and mayor) proceeded with the next step - all along with the incorrect and misleading initial air testing that they potentially already knew didn't involve actual air tests? are you kidding me?

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Wolf Eagle Environmental did the testing in Dish, They are a local Flower Mound Company.

Anonymous said...

thank you - I am going to contact them for some budgetary costing

i'm thinking a potential "citizens" funded test but results are sealed and simultaneously delivered to 3 parties: (1) this website / citizens, (2) town of FM, and (3) WFAA..or just direct to WFAA and let them disperse

all depends on how steep the cost, but there is no doubt in my mind that the air quality results will produce something worthy of discussion - likely benzene

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is crazy! It is time for this Mayor to go. I cannot believe she thought she could get away with this. This is a major issue - children and adults coming before us with Leukemia, and she lies about the report. This is so Erin Brockovich.

Did you see the article with the Mayor's announcement for re-election. I am positive that she said during the last election that it would be her last term as Mayor of Flower Mound.

I guess she wasn't truthful about that either! Maybe she needs to make sure the Gas Companies destroy everything.

The town should do what it committed to. I hope Filiodro and Hayden take them to the mat about this and make sure that we get those tests ASAP, It would be terrific news if our air had a clean bill of health, but something about this smells!

Anonymous said...

Now wfaa has up the fort worth story. Last night on wfaa they had one with Chris Hawes in front of town hall reporting specifically about Flower Mounds air study (or lack of). But now that story is gone and the Fort Worth one there. Anyone know what happened to the original flower mound story by Chris Hawes?

Another Concerned Citizen said...

We don't know why they used the same link. But it was there last night. It also had a video clip of Mayor Smith talking about the "good" news that our air is fine and dandy. We contacted News 8 to see what happened. I am sure this isn't the end of reports on this, there will be more.

Anonymous said...

Did no one read the word "preliminary" that TCEQ put in their e-mail? I am sure the Town wanted results as soon as possible so TCEQ sent the results of the IR camera and TVA right away. The TVA did not show VOC concentrations in the air. TCEQ will probably do summa canisters later. This seems like a nonstory.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hawes is playing y'all like a bunch of suckers. She yells jump and y'all jump. If she said the sun wasn't coming up tomorrow, y'all would believe here. She is making fools of y'all and make money on top of it. If anyone actually would read the summary report, it says that on site test with the TVA did not detect any reportable levels of VOC's. The TVA the TCEQ uses can detect benzene MDL 100 ppb. They did not say they took samples, nor did anyone else. And if you would open your ears, the town has also contracted with a private testing company to its own testing. The TECQ said that they were going to come back the following week and take summa canister samples. You people need to get a grip. And summa canisters will run you approximately 466.00 bucks, plus the cost of the analysis of the contents. They are only good for about 12 days.

Pappa Joe said...

The video has reappeared!! Hey Ya'll annon. who commented at 12:54 am. I think the point here is that the town rushed this report before having the details. It appears to be an effort to shut up those of us that are concerned about the air quality and benzene. The Mayor stated various gas well sites when it was only two. It is just the same level of deception we have been dealing with in this town for a long time. It is time for a change. May is when that change will come

Anonymous said...

Papa Joe 12:54 am. Did you not see the memo that was made public back in Dec 18th 2009? The town requested the TCEQ test the two compressor sites here in west Flower Mound. Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

The summary clearly says it only tested two sites were tested. They simply observed one other because a complaint about flaring had been made to the town. Interesting that the rig was shut down.
Posted by the town on Jan 15th
"The site visits and sampling consisted of TCEQ representatives taking weather data and wind speed, using an infrared monitor to check for emissions, checking for total volatile organic compounds at the site, and placing air canisters downwind to collect samples that will be analyzed for specific compounds"
A town representative was at the site. So you can see, it was clearly stated that air canisters were set out. This was posted 2 days after the test. Talk about jumping the gun. Anon 12;54, you either work for the town, live at Shiloh, or work for a gas company. This is about the town giving information that makes it appear that the right air tests were done, when they were clearly not. Period.

Anonymous said...

The point is that a typical observer would get the "just" that there is "nothing to be concerned about", when full testing was not performed.

Wow, they were so concerned about our health, that they worked for a WHOLE 2 hours, love that government.