Thursday, January 28, 2010

TCEQ test results say 1 in 5 gas well sites emits too much benzene. UPDATE

TCEQ releases the first set of results on testing. This Star Telegram article states that 1 in 5 gas well sites emits too much benzene. The TCEQ study only involved a small fraction of the natural gas facilities in the Barnett Shale.

Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe from the Denton Record Chronicle reports:

According to the latest statistics published by the Texas Railroad Commission, there are 13,168 gas wells along with 194 injection and disposal wells in the 23 counties of the Barnett Shale area. orts the following.

Last week it was uncovered that the TCEQ is only required to collect an air sample, if the total chemicals in the air are more than 140 times the average
amount for the metroplex.

Benzene levels exceeded the recommended safe levels at 21 of 94 sites, the agency said.

One company has already made repairs at a site where the benzene level measured 1,100 parts per billion, hundreds of times above the state and federal standard of 1.4 parts per billion.

"Although the results are complex, it is clear that gas production facilities can, and in some cases do, emit contaminants in amounts that could be deemed unsafe," the agency said in a news release.

Duh! We already knew that!


Anonymous said...

Well, as long as we only get a little cancer, that's all that really matters here. Almost the same odds as Russian roulette, only participation is not voluntary.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how many sites were actually tested for Benzene since the TCEQ admitted last week they only test if the little hand held meter registers 140 ppb!! Which is a way too high of a reading. Or, like in Flower Mound, how many sites never had any air samples taken. The TCEQ can't and never will be working for the people of Texas. Independent Testing by more qualified experts needs to be allowed to aid the TCEQ.