Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bosque Disposal Well registered high Benzene

By now many of us are aware of the proposed disposal well Williams wants to put in Argyle. Their proposed drilling waste water Centralized Collection Facility in Flower Mound will feed into this disposal well. Williams has partnered with Bosque Disposal Systems LLC to run the disposal well.

At a recent "education" meeting in Lantana, Williams, Bosque, and the Texas Railroad Commission downplayed the risks that this well could have to the community. This disposal well could put many residents water sources at risk of contamination. This will not just affect those living near the well. It will be in the Denton Creek flood plain. Denton Creek flows to Lake Grapevine.

The recent TCEQ's air quality study found benzene at a Bosque Disposal well to be 5 times the TCEQ normal background level.

Click here to read all the details at TXsharon.

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Anonymous said...

This is different suggestion, not sure where to submit. I am not sure everybody lives in this area are aware of what are the impacts of gas drilling to their lives and property value. We should organize few people in front of grocery shops and major places where people come in flower mound and neighboring areas and should hold a play card that says following things (very high level information) basically asking question to people and make them really aware of the situation
1. Are you aware that home prices in flower mound and surrounding area are tanking in the last couple of months (20 % down)? Look at for e.g. to verify this fact.
2. Are you aware of the affects of gas drilling on your health? Also mention about recent increase in Leukemia reports and test found high benzene content and also limitation from railroad to make continuous testing on these gas drilling sites
3. Are you aware that city hall /town hall meeting where 600 public participated to voice concern against the new urban drilling proposal but city council simply disregarded public concern and voted for it.
4. How can you help on this, there is a new voters registration driver to stop this city killing effort you can surely help
And provide a web site link, we should create a new simple web site with very simple information about the just above facts and where people can register for voting, the site is great it give lots of information and awareness, but it is too much for people to spend time reading etc. Many people are not even aware of the whole thing; they just need a concentrated place to get going without spending too much time to details. In the new site links can be provided to But should keep the new site really simple for a new comer. Again important point is there play cards should be displayed on all major areas. Would like to participate in this effort my email is