Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homeowners file lawsuit against Titan Operating

The Monticello homeowners association filed a law suit against Titan Operating in late January. The group consists of over 300 homeowners.

here to see article.

This will be the first well to be drilled in Colleyville.

We mentioned that Titan had asked more flexibility on air and noise regulations for this site. Interesting article about Titan.

As of Febrary 22, the
CAMRA site (another homeowner group that has signed leases with Titan) has a post stating that Titan has submitted a new site that will not be under 1000 feet from any home. See map of area here.

The original issue was the first site sits in Colleyville but is near the border of Southlake. Although the original site would be 1000 feet from the Colleyville residents, it will be under 1000 feet from some of the Southlake homes and their 60 acres common area.

In addition to that, the site is near a 21 acre flood plain.

No word yet whether the Montecello homeowners group has dropped their lawsuit.

Both Colleyville and Southlake require 1000 foot setbacks for houses, parks, and schools.

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