Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dr. Armendariz talks about changes to the natural gas industry

Dr. Armendariz was the guest speaker at the NCTCA North Texas Community Alliance Meeting. It was a packed house with over 400 people in attendance. There were citizens from many Barnett Shale communities along with elected officials from North Texas.

Dr. Armendariz said the EPA will be doing a study on hydraulic fracturing and water use. The EPA will be updating many rules and regulations. There is a law called TSCA Toxic Substance Control Act. He mentioned that reforming this law is top priority and it will give the EPA more control and regulation tools. It will make sure chemicals are safe before industries are allowed to use them.

Dr. Armendariz spoke of a few things the can't do. Noise is one. It is regulated at the state level. That would include compressor stations and other drilling activity. Pipeline safety is another. That is addressed by the state and TXdot. They don't regulate traffic but can handle regulation of truck emissions.

Region 3 has put a toll free hotline that can be used nationwide for citizens to report anything they feel may be a violation. The number is 800-438-2474.

Dr. Armendariz spoke for 20 minutes and then did a question and answer session. He was unable to answer all the questions and was nice enough to take the remaining forms. Dr. Armendariz, along with his staff will finish answering the questions and contact the citizens with the answers.

Dr. Armendariz is a Chemical Engineer and a native Texan.

Here is the News 8 report.


Anonymous said...

Remember when you used to love living in this Town? Now I tell people, don't move here. My "neighbor" is not a multi-billion dollar company threatening to sue me every time I won't do exactly what he says.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you meant "your neighbor is now" . But you are right. Always the "threat". They are like the mafia. Making us an other we better not refuse

Anonymous said...

Let's truck some toxic waste up to Tulsa and say "It's ok, I've heard we're neighbors now, where do you want this?"